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The following article was posted on this website on 20 April 2012, and updated on 4 August 2016.

To Raise Support for the UK from 55% to 65%.

The first requirement of the Aim is to maintain our ground at 55% of the vote.

The second requirement of the Aim is to regain our ground and push our support up to 65%.

Contrary to what some people think, a second referendum lost by the SNP would not "put the matter to rest". It would only do so if our winning margin was greater than the 55-45 of last time. If we win, but lose ground then that will only encourage the SNP to go for a third referendum.

We wrote about the necessity of pushing our support up to 65% in our article of 18-5-16 at Our Aim: To Raise Support for the UK from 55% to 65%.

In order to achieve this Aim, our overall strategy is to keep Scotland as fully engaged and integrated as possible with the rest of the United Kingdom; and to keep the rest of the United Kingdom as fully engaged and integrated as possible with Scotland.

If our politicians do not maintain this wider British focus and concern (as they have not been doing), then they will risk compromising the political and social integrity of the UK, encouraging separatism, and losing ground!

Within this overall strategy, we work with others, where appropriate, to promote the benefits of the United Kingdom, to publicise the UK as "A Force For Good" in the world, and to prepare for a second referendum.

We believe that it is important to have a variety of pro-UK campaigning organisations (providing we are not duplicating our efforts).

It is essential that we, in cooperation with the wider pro-UK movement, continue to establish the organisations, build the networks, put the connections in place, establish the Social Media presence, continue to work the streets; and create the themes, graphics, videos, articles, books, written material and merchandise necessary to achieve our Aim.

We are doing many of these things every day, but we need support from those who sympathise with our Aim.

To this end, and in addition to our activities listed on our About and Contact page we can further describe our approach to the subject thus:

Our Commitment to you
We have a commitment to ensuring our articles are well researched, clearly argued, properly referenced and do not waffle. We intend our articles to be clear, concise, correct, comprehensive, comprehensible, consistent, coherent, convincing, compelling, and usable. They are lean and fat-free so they are easily digested, easily understood, easily retained in the brain, and easily explained to others, so that their ideas catch-on and travel and ultimately influence the wider culture.

This is information which people can use in their daily lives to promote the benefits of the United Kingdom, to publicise the UK as "A Force For Good" in the world, and to encourage people to vote to stay in the United Kingdom. Without words there can be no action.

To Whom we Appeal
There are 3 groups: Those Scots who have a sense of their British identity greater than, or equal to, their sense of Scottishness; those Scots whose sense of Scottish identity is stronger than their sense of British identity; and those Scots who have no sense of British identity.

To all, we show the benefits for Scots, and Scotland, of being within the United Kingdom. Some of our arguments will resonate more strongly with some than others, but the aim is to show all Scots that our individual interests, and Scotland's interests (as well as the interests of everyone else on these islands, and the interests of all the other nations on these islands), are best served within the United Kingdom.

How we Make our Case
There are 4 themes that we develop, and which appear interwoven throughout our work:

1. The United Kingdom is "a Good Thing"
Above all, we make the case for the United Kingdom. Our material appeals to people who have a strong sense of Britishness, only a mild sense of Britishness, or no sense of Britishness at all.

We give people the words to make the case. At the end of the day, it is the simple concepts and statements, of a few sentences only, which people use in the homes, workplaces and pubs in order to explain why they are for the UK.

2. The Union is Good for Scotland and Scotland is Good for the Union
We make the case for Scotland in the Union. This approach has the potential to appeal to everyone regardless of the strength of their British and Scottish identities. It is a little different than making the case for the United Kingdom, per se - since it is a little more focused around Scotland and Scottishness.

3. A British Identity is a Valuable Possession
We make the case for Britishness and a British identity, and seek to educate all readers to an appreciation of the benefits. This is a cultural, social and historical case. It is different than making the case for the United Kingdom, or for Scotland in the Union, but elements of it are bound up in both of those cases.

4. The Separatists are talking Nonsense
We address the separatists' claims and we rebut them. We rebut their Philosophical arguments in a popular style that people can take away and use. And we rebut their political Policies - despite the fact that almost every separatist policy can be exposed in 2 words: unnecessary and impractical.

1. Develop and advocate Principles upon which we found our pro-UK cause.
2. Provide Arguments and Information which help to make the case for the pro-UK cause.
3. Rebut the anti-UK side, address its errors, and highlight its flaws.
4. Publicise and campaign for Policies, which promote the unity of the United Kingdom and its ability to be a Force for Good in the world.

In addition we will:
5. Explain the nature, and the strategy, of the anti-UK side, including analysing its "debating" points and techniques.
6. Highlight useful material, and explore topics, which will help the pro-UK cause, including historical facts, useful books, articles and letters.

In general we will:
7. Use this website to communicate and educate nationally and internationally, raising awareness, and teaching, about the benefits of the unity of the United Kingdom, including providing information for students, and interested parties.
8. Provide a resource from which others can lift ideas, develop their own material, and improve upon ours. (If you are a PR company working in this area, please contact us if you would like to use any of our slogans or designs.)

Please note, this Website and A Force For Good is not associated with, nor does it support, any political or religious group. A Force For Good was incorporated on 27 April 2016 and is the trading name of AFFG Productions Ltd; a company registered in Scotland 533791.

If you like what we say, please support us by signing-up to receive our free regular Update email - which will keep you informed of new articles and relevant pro-UK information - by entering your details in the 'Subscribe' box at the top right of this page. You can find out more about AFFG at the About and Contact page.

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