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The following article by Alistair McConnachie was posted on this website on 20 April 2012.

Our Overall Strategy
To keep Scotland as fully engaged and integrated as possible with the rest of the United Kingdom; and to keep the rest of the United Kingdom as fully engaged and integrated as possible with Scotland.

Devolution without this wider British focus and concern will compromise the political and social integrity (togetherness) of the UK and encourage separatism.

To this end, and further to our activities listed on our About and Contact page:

What we Do
Spread clear, concise, correct, comprehensive, comprehensible, consistent, coherent information, which is convincing and compelling, and which people can use in their daily lives to promote the message that we should vote to stay in the United Kingdom. Without words there can be no action. Assembling the words is the first thing we do.

To Whom we Appeal
There are 3 groups: Those Scots who have a sense of their British identity greater than, or equal to, their sense of Scottishness; those Scots whose sense of Scottish identity is stronger than their sense of British identity; and those Scots who have no sense of British identity.

To all, we show the benefits for Scots, and Scotland, of being within the United Kingdom. Some of our arguments will resonate more strongly with some than others, but the aim is to show all Scots that our individual interests, and Scotland's interests (as well as the interests of everyone else on these islands, and the interests of all the other nations on these islands), are best served within the United Kingdom.

How we Make our Case
There are 4 themes that we develop, and which appear interwoven throughout our work:

1. The United Kingdom is "a Good Thing"
Above all, we make the case for the United Kingdom. We have developed, and will publish, articles addressing at least 6 broad "narratives" related to this theme. These appeal to people who have a strong sense of Britishness, only a mild sense of Britishness, or no sense of Britishness at all.

We give people the words to make the case. At the end of the day, it will be the simple concepts and statements, of a few sentences only, which people will use in the homes, workplaces and pubs in order to explain why they are voting to stay with the UK.

2. The Union is Good for Scotland and Scotland is Good for the Union
We make the case for Scotland in the Union. This approach has the potential to appeal to everyone regardless of the strength of their British and Scottish identities. It is a little different than making the case for the United Kingdom, per se - since it is a little more focused around Scotland and Scottishness.

3. A British Identity is a Valuable Possession
We make the case for Britishness and a British identity, and seek to educate all readers to an appreciation of the benefits. This is a subtle cultural, social and historical case. It is different than making the case for the United Kingdom, or for Scotland in the Union, but elements of it are bound up in both of those cases.

4. The Separatists are talking Nonsense
We address the separatists' claims and we rebut them. We rebut their philosophical arguments in a popular style that people can take away and use. And we rebut their political policies - despite the fact that almost every separatist policy can be exposed in 2 words: unnecessary and impractical.

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