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Alistair McConnachie writes: We are assembling the case for the United Kingdom in a comprehensive, coherent and concise manner.

Providing that our work can be financially supported we can continue to provide this material - comprehensible, useful, and properly researched.

However, it needs to be found easily by, for example, the pupils and students, and others, who may be researching the reasons for the Union. When pupils and students are set essays and projects then the first thing they will do is go to the internet. We want them finding our site quickly.

That means that Google - the premier research engine - has to be able to find it easily. To do that, the site has to rank highly for the main search terms that the students are likely to use. Search terms are likely to include, for example, 'what is the positive case for the Union', 'reasons for the UK', 'arguments for the United Kingdom', 'should Scotland be independent', and so on.

One of the ways that Google ranks sites is by measuring the number of links into the site from other sites and social media such as Facebook. The more people 'linking in' to A Force For Good, then the more easily it will be found when people search for the relevant information.

So, here is something you can do.

Post the Web Addresses of our Articles on Facebook and in other Social Media

If you like a particular article, then please post its address on Facebook. As we say, the more links in to our site from Facebook, then the easier it will be for Google to find us, know that we are popular, and rank us highly in its searches.

It is easy to post on Facebook. Simply copy the URL of the page (that's the address along the address bar) and 'paste' it into the 'Write something' box on the Facebook page you want to add it to (which may be your own page, or another one). You can also write a description of it. Click 'Post' and it will be added to your wall, or the 'Visitors Posts' of the other page on which you are posting. You can do the same thing in an appropriate Comment box under a thread you are following.

Tweet our Articles

Every page has a Tweet button. Please send out any articles you like by using that button. The web address of the article will go to all your followers.

You can also copy the URL of our article and simply paste it into your Twitter 'What's Happening?' box and Tweet it out, with a comment.

Follow our Facebook Page and Share its Posts

We established our Facebook page on 25 January 2016. We post several times a day on it. Its quality of content is very high. We publish shorter articles on it, which do not appear here. Please Follow the Page, and please Share our posts, as well as 'Like' them and comment on them.

Follow our Twitter Page and Retweet its Posts

Our Twitter page is at Please Follow us and Retweet our material. We Tweet at least once a day.

Link-In to our site from your Website or Blog

If you have a website, or a blog, then please link to either our front page, or any particular article which you like.

And here's a tip - please note that for a link to be 'productive' - in the sense of Google understanding where the link is going - then the link itself must explain what it is linking to.

For example, if a link looks like this:
To go to one of the best sites on the positive case for the Union, click here
then Google will only understand the word 'here'. However, if the link looks like this, To go to one of the best sites on the positive case for the Union click here then Google will understand where the link is going, and it will consequently rank the site highly for phrases such as 'positive case for the Union' or other suitably descriptive phrases that you might use, as per the examples below.

Therefore, if you link to us, remember to use such phrases constructively within the entire link itself.

For example, here are a set of examples of links which all go to our front page and which include suitably descriptive phrases. The links look like this:

Good site on positive case for the Union
What are the positive arguments for the UK
This site lists the positive benefits of the UK Union
The positive case for the United Kingdom can be found here

The coding for the above links look like this (feel free to copy and paste one into your web page)
<a href="">Good site on positive case for the Union</a>
<a href="">What are the positive arguments for the UK</a>
<a href="">This site lists the positive benefits of the UK Union</a>
<a href="">The positive case for the United Kingdom can be found here</a>

Sign Up to our Regular Email Update

To be kept in touch with the information on this site, please fill in the 'Receive Free Newsletter' box, which you can find at the top right of every page. You will be required to give your name and email (you don't have to use your real name if you don't want to). You will then have to click a confirmation email. We only send out an email around about once a fortnight. And of course we never share your details with anyone. If you have signed up to our regular email, you'll find it is a ready-made piece of information which you can then forward on to other people that you think might be interested.

Please Donate to our Work

If you are unable to use the internet to promote our work, but you like the idea of helping us to become a primary go-to resource on the Union, then please help us to keep our activity and writing going.

As you will see, our articles are not just random bletherations. They are carefully constructed pieces which take several days, sometimes a couple of weeks, from inception, to research, to reading, to writing, to checking, to coding, and then to publicising. That is time which costs money!

Please help us if you can. If you can help us financially to produce the content, please go to this page.

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