The Purpose of A Force For Good Website

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Bookmark and Share was launched on 21 March 2012.

Its Purpose is to:
1. Develop and advocate Principles upon which we found our pro-UK cause at the forthcoming referendum.
2. Provide Arguments and Information which help to make the case for the pro-UK cause.
3. Rebut the anti-UK side, address its errors, and highlight its flaws.
4. Publicise and campaign for Policies, which promote the unity of the United Kingdom and its ability to be a Force for Good in the world.

In addition we will:
5. Explain the nature, and the strategy, of the anti-UK side, including analysing its "debating" points and techniques.
6. Highlight useful material, and explore topics, which will help the pro-UK cause, including historical facts, useful books, articles and letters.

In general we will:
7. Use this website to communicate and educate nationally and internationally, raising awareness, and teaching, about the benefits of the unity of the United Kingdom, including providing information for students, and interested parties.
8. Provide a resource from which others can lift ideas, develop their own material, and improve upon ours. (If you are a PR company working in this area, please contact us if you like our work.)

Our Commitment to you
We have a commitment to ensuring our articles are well researched, clearly argued, properly referenced and do not waffle. We intend our articles to be clear, concise, correct, comprehensive, comprehensible, consistent, coherent, convincing, compelling, and usable. They are lean and fat-free so they are easily digested, easily understood, easily retained in the brain, and easily explained to others, so that their ideas catch-on and travel and ultimately influence the wider culture.

Please note, this website is not associated with, nor does it support, any political or religious group. It is the personal project of Alistair McConnachie working as an individual, relying on donations to A Force For Good to be able to continue this work.

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You can find out more about Alistair at the About Alistair McConnachie page. And here is a link to Alistair McConnachie's Google Profile.

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