Accessibility Statement

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This site is designed to conform to WCAG 2.0 AA standard accessibility (with improvements regularly being made to the site).

The site uses a number of techniques in order to be more accessible for a wider range of users.

It has been optimised for Screen Readers, including sections of the page organised appropriately, and with correct headings in place. The main title of every article is in H1 size, which is recommended. Every image on the site has alternate text embedded, which describes the image.

The text background is off-white in order for dyslexic users to be able to read it more easily and for longer periods of time. The contrast ratio is still high enough for visually impaired users to be able to read it with relative ease.

There is a box in the top right of every page on the site enabling a user to change the text size while keeping the rest of the page in proportion. Most web browsers enable zooming as a feature by default, however our text button zooms the whole site and not only the text.

Our YouTube videos are always fully and accurately captioned.

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