The "More Powers" Debate

Hadrian's Wall. Don't Let the Nationalists Rebuild It.

This chapter considers the idea of even more devolution and the extent to which this will risk becoming separation in all but name.

Smith Commission: Not a Law-Making Body and it cannot Bind the British Parliament


The British Parliament is the ultimate law-making body in the UK. Neither the so-called 'vow', nor the Smith Commission Report is binding upon Parliament. Our MPs are urged to change the Draft Bill.

Smith Commission: A 'Scottish Trap' for the Labour Party.


In the second of our 3 videos examining the proposals of the Smith Commission we demonstrate the pro-UK Principles which are at risk, and we have some good advice for the Labour Party. Video and Transcript.

Deliver Us From EVEL


Our Submission to the House of Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Committee, highlighting the dangers to the Union of the "English Votes for English Laws" and "Full Fiscal Independence" proposals. This is the second document in our Trilogy of post-referendum work.

Smith Commission: We Voted No. Not for More Powers.


In the first of 3 videos examining the Smith Commission proposals, we emphasise the dangers to the UK of devolving tax powers. Video and Transcript.

Devo Zero, Devo Minus, and Devo Mini


Our pro-UK, principles-led advice to the Smith Commission pointing out the danger of further devolution to the integrity of the United Kingdom, and proposing the correct route. This is the third document in our Trilogy of post-referendum work.

Danger of Devolution in the Presence of an Aggressive Separatist Movement


In the presence of a significant separatist movement, devolving power will always be potentially hazardous to a union. Therefore, unionists must always be ultra-cautious about supporting any form of devolution in a context where there is a significant separatist movement which will use such power against the union itself.

"More Powers" Debate: Principles, Guidelines and Strategies for Unionists


6 Principles upon which to Stand, 5 Guidelines to ensure we Win Overwhelmingly, and 4 Strategies to guarantee we Dominate the Long-Term.

If Devolution is a Process then Powers should Flow Back as well as Forth


If Devolution is meant to "Strengthen the Union" then it must be a Two-Way Street with powers flowing back to our British Government, and not just away from it. This article offers some policy suggestions.

"More Powers" Debate: Labour must be Careful not to Concede anti-UK Premise to Nats


If the Labour, Lib Dems and Conservative parties go into the referendum promoting further devolution as "the alternative", then they are in danger of accepting the premise of the nationalists that the UK is a bad thing, moving the terms of the debate onto vulnerable grounds, and making it very difficult to argue convincingly to stay with the UK.

Why Full Fiscal Autonomy is Wrong for Scotland and the Union


If you think Scotland has a unilateral right to demand "more powers" or "full fiscal autonomy within the Union", then you don't understand what a union means. At worst you're being selfish and inconsiderate, and ultimately you'll be harming the social union, says Alistair McConnachie.

Hugh McLachlan: A Union of Convenience: Scotland cannot seek to stay within the UK marriage but seek fiscal autonomy


SCOTLAND cannot seek to stay within the UK 'marriage' but seek fiscal autonomy, argues Hugh McLachlan, in considering what questions to ask in the independence poll.

Vision and Policy for the United Kingdom

British Lion says this is about what each of us is doing for the greater good of Britain

This chapter articulates a Vision for the UK and Policies to Promote Ever Closer Union

Ever Closer Union: Over 50 Suggestions to Promote the Social Union and Cultural Value of the UK


This speech was delivered by Alistair McConnachie on Tuesday 18th June 2013, in London. He looks at some social and cultural ideas which apply to the United Kingdom.

It's about Service to Humanity, not "Freedom from the English"


Separatists have a vision of "freedom", for themselves, from the UK, and England and the English in particular. We have a vision of the people of the UK working together to serve each other and the world.

Ever Closer Union is Our Destination, Not Separation


Rather than "inevitable separation", it is more realistic, optimistic, and politically effective, to understand Scotland's past, present and future as an evolving journey towards ever closer union on these islands.

2014: The Year the Union Jack makes its Scottish Comeback


Councils, government buildings, private organisations and individuals can show support for the UK by flying and wearing the Union Jack.

Scotland's Flag: The Union Jack


The challenge for unionists is to restore the Union Jack as a flag of Scotland, and 2014 is going to be all about that.

Wider Still and Wider is the Pro-UK Vision


The positive pro-UK vision recognises Britain's interdependence, and that together we can be a force for good in the world.

The Happy and Glorious Games: "Britain, we did it right!"


Reposted one year on: The London 2012 Olympics has come at just the right time in our national history and has added another happy and glorious chapter into our Islands' Story.

Explaining the Strategic Struggle

I'm Backing Britain. I'm Voting No.

This chapter explains and develops aspects of the strategic struggle against the separatists.

20 Lessons Learned from the Official and Unofficial No Campaigns


We make many important observations and useful suggestions in this 6,500 word document. This is the first document in our Trilogy of important post-referendum work.

Believe in Britain and vote standing on that Rock of Principle, rather than the shifting sands of temporary policies you don't like


At the referendum, we will be voting positively to show our love of Britain. It is a vote to re-affirm our support for the Union and to re-dedicate ourselves to the UK. It is not a vote on the policies of the present government.

Love the UK Day and the Unity Referendum: The Importance of Framing


How a matter is "framed" for people to see and consider, is crucial to ultimately determining the decision that people will make. Therefore, more emphasis needs to go on the value of the UK, to ourselves and to the world.

How Nationalists Use Words to Get us Thinking Separately


'South of the Border', 'London papers', 'Westminster Parliament', just some of the subtle phrases which deliberately frame the issue to create a bias for the anti-UK side. The nats use words to get us 'thinking separately', so let's watch our language.

The Talking Britain Downers: The How, Why and Who


We list the journalists in the Scottish media who regularly talk Britain down, and explain how and why they do it.

Understanding the "Decisions should be taken as Close to Home as Possible" Separatist Pied Piper Phrase


It is revealed as just another separatist strategy in disguise when we start asking "where is home", and "who decides what is possible".

Our Vision for Scotland Britain


Nationalists will always ask their leading questions, "What Kind of Scotland do you Want?" or "What is your Vision for Scotland?" Our first response should be, "A Scotland that is always part of the UK!"

We Endorse the United Kingdom on Principle, not the Nationalist Frame of "the status quo"


Vote to endorse the principle of the UK, not the political practices of the moment, some of which we may consider good or bad, and which are, in any case, always changing.

A Separatist's Work is Never Done: Why the SNP will Not "Disband" after "Independence"


4 reasons why the SNP is not going away on its own accord even if it were to win the separation referendum - and what this means for unionists.

Making a Positive Case for The United Kingdom

Sept 18 is Love the UK Day. Let's Stay Together. Vote No.

This chapter promotes positive points in favour of the United Kingdom.

Our Dual Identity is a Massive UK Positive that Nationalists want to Negate


The choice to have a dual identity which is both Scottish and British is another positive benefit of the UK; and it offers the best of both worlds. However, a separate Scotland would, inevitably, make it harder to be British, and would ultimately remove the choice.

10 Reasons Why it's Great to be British


There are plenty of reasons why the British identity is a Great one and here are some of them, says Alistair McConnachie.

Scotland is Better able to Control its Future as Part of the UK


The first in a series of short videos addressing the positive case for the Union and frequently-heard nationalist errors. Full transcript.

The UK Gives us One Big Home to Call our Own


The second in a series of short videos addressing the positive case for the Union and frequently-heard nationalist errors. Full transcript.

The Union gave Scottish Industry its Life and it Will Continue to Give our Economy its Life


The lesson to be learned from the demise of much of Scottish heavy industry during the latter part of the 20th century is that it was the Union which gave life to it in the first place, and it will be the Union which will continue to give life to our economy in the years ahead.

The Royal Navy: Another Union Positive for Scotland


Scottish nationalists will often say that in the event of "independence", Scotland will not need a proper Army, or Navy or Air Force because "no-one is going to invade Scotland". This demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the point of a modern armed services.

What is the Positive Case for the Union? One word...Britain


All the good things involved in its reality - past, present and future - is the positive case! And of that positive case there is no end to telling.

De-Bunking the Separatist Mythology

No Separation, Please. We're British

This chapter pulls apart the various pillars which separatists use to prop up their position.

Five False Premises of Scottish Separatism: And why they make it Impossible, Impractical, and indeed Immoral for Scotland to Split


Rather than talking about so-called "independence", based on False Premises, we should embrace our inter-dependence within the United Kingdom, and accept that our destiny is to be bound intimately with each other on these islands, and be thankful and glad of that.

Scotland gets the Government it Wants at Westminster, Two out of Three Times


Contrary to separatist mythology, out of the 18 General Elections since 1945, Scotland has got the party at Westminster which won the Scottish popular vote 12 times. That is, exactly two thirds of the time Scotland gets what it wants.

Seven Stupid Separatist Sophisms (from Scotland and England)


Britain united is greater than the sum of its parts. What we have in common is greater than any differences there may be. A problem in any part of Britain is a concern of us all and the challenges which confront all of us throughout these islands can best be resolved by working together in union, as one.

Anti-UK March Attracts SNP Hardcore (and Basically No-one Else)


On the day the Nationalists announce they are cancelling their 2014 March, we remember their 2013 Separation March, which revealed the emptiness of their vision. A report on the March and Rally for Scottish Independence in Edinburgh on 21 September 2013.

Why Nationalists are Wrong to Say that Scotland will Automatically Inherit all the UK's International Positions


The nationalists' notion that Scotland can retain automatic membership of the EU, NATO and the Commonwealth is built on an 18th century pre-democratic age reading of constitutional law and history, which conveniently ignores the past 300-plus years of British constitutional and democratic development.

Nationalist March and Messages Fail to Attract Mainstream


The 'March and Rally for Scottish Independence' on 22 Sept 2012 demonstrated the message is still confined within a strange fringe fusion of international socialism and romantic nationalism.

There is No Right to Self-Determination when it is the Wrong Thing to Do


We don't talk about "Scotland's right" to this or that. Rather, we ask, what is the responsible thing for Scotland to do in its unique circumstances? What is the right thing, what is the moral thing, for Scotland to do?

Contrary to what Separatists Say, Sovereignty in Scotland and England is the Same (and yes we know all about Lord Cooper's famous dictum)


Separatists seize on a sentence from a 1953 court case to construct an inaccurate and potentially harmful concept of Scottish sovereignty.

The United Kingdom is a Precious Inheritance

Don't Put the Clocks Back 700 Years

This chapter explains and promotes the valuable Traditions, Institutions and Symbols of the United Kingdom.

The Alleged Rebellious Scots "Verse" Debunked


The notion that a verse about "Marshal Wade" crushing "Rebellious Scots" is, or ever was, part of the British National Anthem is thoroughly debunked in this 5,500 word examination of the evidence.

Arguments Against a British Republic


In a changing world, people are looking for continuity and consistency, for something which is always here, today, tomorrow, and the day after. The monarchy is that institution and represents a nation's sense of identity in a way that a here-today, gone-tomorrow politician simply cannot.

The Britishness of Robert Burns


Robert Burns was both a Scottish and British patriot and when his loyalties were questioned, he was keen to emphasise that fact.

Donate 50 or more and Request Free Copy of Booklet: A Force For Good: Why Scotland should remain in the Union


An 84-page booklet with essays on the positive case for the Union.

Synthesising Britishness


Sir David Wilkie's 'Chelsea Pensioners Reading the Gazette of the Battle of Waterloo'.

The Patriotic Case for the British Broadcasting Corporation


The BBC is a British national institution. The separatists hate it. We should protect it.

The Magna Carta: A Thoroughly British Affair


The Magna Carta, or the 'Great Charter' was a thoroughly British affair, with its creators arriving in Runnymede from all parts of the British Isles, including Scotland.

The Reason for the Grand Ceremony of the State Opening of Parliament


The ceremony, ritual, and symbolism, and the associated pomp and pageantry, are intended to remind us where we have come from in order to get where we are today. It is intended to link the national consciousness of the present to the national story of the past. This has the practical benefit of grounding our lives within a meaningful national context.

The Monarchy and the British Constitution


Vesting sovereignty in the Queen does not deprive the people of it, but provides a focused and tangible symbol of the people's sovereignty.

Making a Case for Britain's Monarchy


Alistair McConnachie outlines a succinct case for the British Monarchy.

Scotland and the Monarchy


This article addresses some issues specific to Scotland.

These Colours Don't Run: The British Flag


The word "Jack" also gives it an appealing down-to-earth popular character - gives it a personality, a name, conferring almost a human identity, on our friend.

The Union Jack: The Story of the British Flag


"The ebb and flow of the dream of union washes around the British shores like the seas that surround it, confirming to its inhabitants the islands' independence from mainland European geography and history, and the Union Jack, made by laying together the crosses of the realm's national patron saints, is its symbol."

The United Kingdom as Our Common Project

Together Forever in the UK

This chapter speaks to our shared efforts and aspirations, as people of these islands facing our future together.

Stand Up, if you Love England


We support England at football because it is part of the same country as Scotland, called Britain.

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